BRUSH WITH ILLUMINATION - Environmental Cursor Sitecam

1998 (Upgraded in 2009) • False Creek, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Solar panels, microprocessors, computer lasers, strobe batteries, environmental sensors, stainless steel construction with light transmitting cursor. 30' x 28' x 31'.

A video camera records an image on an hourly basis showing the changing environmental conditions of tidal changes, currents, and atmospheric conditions. The transparent cursor surface reveals environmental detritus and is embellished by the reflective and ambient light of day and night. The cursor image becomes a cartesian constant, holding true in the video frame while all else around it continually changes. 

© 1998 Buster Simpson

The Brush with Illumination appears as a technical apparatus with its cursor dipping into the “ink well” of False Creek. The cursor, a contemporary counterpart to the brush, emits light based on the ASCII code while simultaneously streaming environmental conditions to a receiver and to the sculpture web site. A video camera frames the cursor on an hourly visual log that is compiled and informs the False Creek Mandala, the Environmental Cursor, and the Picasa lunar calendar (

Site Design by Todd Metten

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