Completion Date: 2020 • San Jose Co-Gen Treatment Facility, San Jose, CA

The San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Co-Generation Plant is the site of a public artwork by Buster Simpson, titled Methanogen Polyptych. The frieze sculptural provides an overlay screen upon the plants mechanical facade of an electron microscope image of methanogenic microbes. The methane producing microbes create energy from a byproduct of the digesters anaerobic process. The methane powers the co-gen plant that drives the wastewater facility. Through different natural and illuminated light sources, the organic and mechanical interplay.

The frieze consists of four 10' wide by 40' high stainless-steel panels with the images laser pierced into the stainless-steel panels. In the evening, LED illuminated vent stacks appear as bottles with microbes floating within, perhaps as if the digester.